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In this world of multinational sports events, billion-dollar sponsorship deals, and ticket prices in the £00s, The Cotswold Olimpicks has achieved a quite remarkable profile in the media. The unique, historical nature of the event (linking back over 400 years), as well as the quirkiness of sports such as shin-kicking, and the sheer amateur joie-de-vivre of this well-supported rural event (not to mention its stunning setting) have all proved a draw for media productions of all types and scales.


Of course, 2012 saw a huge upsurge in this attention, with our 400th anniversary coinciding with the 'other' Games in London. In that year we welcomed TV crews and newspapers including RTL, BBC, Reuters, NBC, CNN, Televisa, The Telegraph, The Guardian and ITV to name but a few!), but most years see us welcoming media coverage of some sort, which we are happy to assist in any way. Programmes we have appeared on include Top Gear (BBC), Ade in Britain (ITV), The One Show (BBC), Today (NBC), Room 101 (BBC), as well as many local TV broadcasts.


We do make a small charge for media access (although this may be waived for local media within a 20 mile radius, as well as documentary photographers and filmmakers), however since all Games revenue is ploughed back into the games, we hope you'll agree it's a fair trade!


Should you or your company/crew wish to film/photograph at the Cotswold Olimpicks, please fill out the form below and we'll be in touch.


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