Chairman's Blog | First New Committee Meeting, Fundraising & Volunteers

Well, hello there Shinkickers. I trust your August is going swimmingly, despite the lacklustre weather.

There has been much activity within the Robert Dover’s Games Society (RDGS) since my last post, culminating in our monthly meeting last Tuesday at The Lygon Arms. There is so much to discuss it’s hard to know where begin, so we’ve started by taking an overview of the games and split everything up into manageable chunks. The catering team met last night and the treasury meeting is next week before the next full meeting in September.

We were lucky enough to be joined at the meeting by 15 enthusiastic people and there were a few apologies. This is great news as it means we now have a meaningful number of people to get stuff decided and acted upon. The meeting was very productive; following introductions to some new faces, we got on with the business of divvying up the work. Without going into too much detail, there will now be specific groups concerned with looking after the different aspects of the games.

You’ll be able to contact them directly after the next meeting on 19th September: – for general enquiries from the public – media/video/photo/news enquiries – anything to do with money – food & drink – Planning, legals and operations. – raising funds – the one in charge of all the info – direct line to the chairman of the games.

At first glance it might seem excessive to have so many email addresses, but it is part of a wider effort to tidy up the administration side of the organising committee. By doing this we will now be able to keep a record of everything that goes into putting on the games which, we hope, will help to ensure their continuity and make it easier for new people to step into vacated roles. In addition to the new emails, we now have a shared, secure, online space in which to store every bit of information concerning the games. This will also be going live at the next meeting and will be accessible to committee members as and when they need it.

In Other Games News

We’re lucky enough to have a young designer come forward who will be helping us to produce promotional material and get it out into surrounding towns and villages as the games approaches and also undertake an audit of the signs in and around the games and the town.

We’ve had at least one person offer to be a rider for us next year but are still looking for a second accomplished equestrian and a supplier of superb horses that are used to dealing with crowds of people. Plenty of time yet but it would be good to get this arranged as soon as possible so if that’s you, or you know someone it might be… Get in touch.

Transparency & Positivity

It’s my belief that it’s easier to organise a community event such as this if you can engage everyone whom it might affect and this is why I try to write a blog post each month at least. One reason is the transparency it offers. If we don’t tell people what’s going on, they can’t jump in and help. Equally, it’s a major part of spreading the word about the games. The more people who are talking positively about it, the better the games will eventually become. Enthusiasm is infectious.


So, in the name of transparency, the headline figure that we are aiming for is a fundraising total, this year, of £10,000.00 to get the games up and running again. We have already managed to put £1,400.00 towards this, and there are a number of events planned throughout the year but obviously w