The Campden Tablet

a newspaper celebrating Campden's Springtime Festivals

The Campden Tablet - The Voice of The Olimpick Games & Scuttlebrook Wake
The Campden Tablet is a way for Robert Dover's Olimpick Games and Scuttlebrook Wake to keep in touch with the local community of Chipping Campden and the surrounding villages and towns.  We appreciate that not everyone reads news and info online and we hope to reach different audiences by making our news regular and in printed form. 
We have a dedicated bunch of volunteers to help deliver them within Campden itself but if you'd like some to take around your village,  get in touch and we'll make some copies available.  We'll also be posting each edition here so you can follow it wherever you are in the world.  
All enquiries to 
Heigh for Cotswold! 
Robert Dover's Games Society

Issue 001 - Christmas 2018