The Robert Dover's Games Society
The Robert Dover's Games Society is a group of volunteers who are responsible for putting on the games. There are no rules to entry other than you must be willing to get involved with ideas and actions to ensure that the games continues.  Since 1978, it has met on the third Tuesday of the month at The Lygon Arms in Chipping Campden from 7.30pm
Amanda Collicutt, David Ainsbury, Jenny Wilkinson, Juliette Greenall, Tom Threadgill (chair), William Bennett (vice chair), Mark Gibson (Treasurer), Graham Greenall (ambassador), Patrick Spink, Grace Sabin, Ben Williams, Ray Lloyd, Jane Corner, Lorrelle McAteer, Karl Diggins, Amy Threadgill, Kate Duke, George Bryant, Chris Jones, Andy Halstead, Clinton Davis, Annie Threadgill
Robert Dover:  Paul Dare
Endymion Porter:  Gillian Carr
Official Costumier:  Barbara Williams
Official Milliner : Louise Pocock
MC on the Hill:  Andrew Greenwood
MC in the Arena:  Christian King