Everyone who helps organise the games is a volunteer.  We always need people to help us out, during the year and on the night.  


The Volunteers Night for the next Games will be on Monday 29th April 2019 at The Lygon Arms, Chipping Campden


We need help from as many local (and non local - we're an inclusive bunch) people as possible.   The more people from the town that take an active part in The Games, the better the weekend is.
It may be that you can only help on the night, or you aren't able to attend many meetings, or vice versa.  It doesn't matter, there are plenty of jobs, big and small, so if you're thinking about it, or you'd like more info you can get in touch right now using the form below and we'll be in touch.
Many thanks for your enthusiasm!
The Robert Dover's Games Society


Our Treasurer Skip, and Volunteer Manager, Kate brace themselves for a ride up the hill in the tuk-tuk!

straight faces St James.jpg

Paul Dare as Endymion Porter (he's now Robert Dover!)

Martin Polley & Patrick Spink giving an educational talk at St James' Primary School

The local firefighters help with all sorts around the town, all year round.  Here they are at the games.

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